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For many of our customers the ownership of a private aircraft represents the ultimate in optimally managing their time and maximizing their work efficiency. It is also a universal status symbol of ultimate freedom and luxury.

We offer professional implementation of aircraft registration, ownership and management structures, whether you need to register a corporate aircraft, a hobby aircraft or a small airline. Thanks to our specialist administration team, flying fees, taxes, insurance, management, and day to day administration are all taken care of. We ensure that the value, enjoyment and passion of customer aircraft ownership is maximised. The ownership vehicle is usually a company with a separate legal personality, separating ownership away from the owner’s trading operations. This is done to protect a very valuable asset from potential trading losses, litigation or other shareholders interests, and to simplify resale options.

The following are the relevant considerations in choosing a jurisdiction in which to register private aircraft:

CAA or FAA rules?
Is confidentiality and privacy of the ownership necessary?
How low can registration and annual licensing costs be?
Can registration formalities be completed quickly?
Are there import license or tax requirements?
Are international commercial operations permissible or necessary?
Is the jurisdiction politically and economically stable?
Does the jurisdiction provide optimal tax planning opportunities for purchase?
What considerations are necessary for operation and for future sale?
Does the chosen jurisdiction provide an internationally recognised mortgage register?
Do cabotage rules apply?

We offer aircraft registration and administration services in most countries including the following

VP-C Register (Cayman Islands) offers an offshore tax system and register for private aircraft use.

M- Register (Isle of Man) offers private aircraft a secure mortgage register, a favourable tax regime and registration can be completed quickly.

G Register (UK) offers an excellent regulatory reputation; the register is open for commercial and private use, with a secure mortgage register with many finance houses keen to assist in the purchase.

P4 Register (Aruba) offers a category 1 register; any mortgage over the aircraft can be registered with the Department of Civil Aviation. Leasing and commercial operations are permitted and can be structured to be tax exempt.

N Register (USA) non-US Citizens can still operate N registered aircraft under limited circumstances without violating US law, and registration can be completed quickly.

VP- B Register (Bermuda) register is open for commercial and private use. Ownership is confidential and registration can be completed quickly.

All our aircraft registration and administration services are provided by our specialist subsidiary EFS Aviation Ltd. More information can be found on our website

It is the role of the family office to assist families to establish a suitable platform that has the aims of protecting and enhancing the value of the family assets, or putting them to philanthropic work, with a view to preservation for the future.
At EFS we do not describe our customers as private clients, instead we believe that our family orientated approach towards wealth preservation and enhancement gives our customers the perspective to understand that their wealth can be meaningful rather than burdensome
We utilise our experience to foster trust with our customers as we become increasingly involved in arranging and coordinating key aspects of their operational, financial and family affairs.
Consistent goals are essential to the preservation and enhancement of the family's wealth and security. We strive to understand the family culture and individuals and their aspirations and goals. We encourage the creation of a ‘family motto’, the criteria of which assist us to adapt and tailor our services to the aspirations of the family.
We see our primary role as acting as the proponents of the family motto, being resolute and unabashed explorers of any investment decisions which need to be taken and any legal advice that needs to be obtained. We assist in identifying suitable advisers for any given function as well as working with existing professionals and family advisers. We also arrange impromptu consultancy services.
We give truly individual commitment and support to our customers; they are always personally known to us and are never treated as a number. We make ourselves available whenever required. Once we are instructed, a dedicated team is assigned the personal and individual responsibility of working with the family and are ‘on call’ at any time.
Experienced corporate and trust administrators and accounts work hand in hand with the team, looking after the family assets and inheritance with a long-term view, reporting on a regular basis to the designated head of the family.


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