Tips on Domain Registration and Web Hosting

Knowing your hosting needs is paramount. You cannot settle for a suitable web host if you have not clarified what your hosting needs are. Failure to do so is tantamount to taking the first pill you come across in the hope that it will cure your ailment and you know it just doesn’t work that way. So take the time to think thoroughly and pen down your business hosting needs.

It also great foresight to factor the anticipated growth forecast of your business when determining your choice in a web hosting company.

Tips for Domain Registration

Domain selection is the first huge step in taking the plunge into the digital world that is the internet. Let’s take a look at a few pointers to keep in mind when it comes to registration

  • Unique name

The name you choose needs to be unique and distinctly different from other confusing names that might pop up when a visitor is searching for your services. This distinction will impact your business positively because they can tell you apart with ease.

  • Easy name

Ensure to come up with an easy name that is easy to spell. Basic constraints to be avoided at all cost are names that are hard to write out and difficult to remember.

  • Relevant name

This is extremely important for visitors searching for your services to be able to find you quickly. The name should clearly define the nature of the business activity carried out on your site.

  • Buy other related names

This approach of buying other related domains is usually overlooked but is a sure way of vanquishing all competition related to your domain name. Buying related names protect your choice in future as your site becomes popular.

  • Double check before purchase

You need to be sure of your choice of name, and its implications on your enterprise because once you make the purchase, you cannot change it.

Once you have cleared the hurdle of settling for a domain name you need the services of a web hosting company.

Here are few pointers on what to look out for;

  •    Uptime

If your site is for business purposes, you want to make sure that uptime provided is not less than 99%, because you want to be reachable via your website 24/7.

  •    Hosting sign-up vs. renewal cost

Shared hosting on sign up can be very cheap and can also aptly suit your needs. However, there is no way to avoid some steep renewal cost unless you are intending on hopping from one host to another every two years. Having defined what your hosting needs are, you should be able to arrive at a decent plan at a reasonable cost.

  •    E-commerce features

If your site is an e-commerce website, it is imperative to pick a web host with sufficient support such as;

  • SSL certification
  • Dedicated IP
  • One-click shopping cart software installation

These are just but a few guidelines to help you make a better purchase that is most relevant to you hosting needs.

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