What sort of hosting should I choose for my website?

Building a website is the initial step towards a successful business that generates decent revenue. Sustaining an environment for regular growth of the website is the hard part and requires utmost dedication from the business owners. Websites tend to grow in terms of the quality of content and added functionalities which have implications on your web hosting. Therefore we encourage that you spend some time considering the various options and invest accordingly.

Generally there are three types of web hosting available for different sorts of websites. Shared hosting is the most affordable as you share the server with other websites. This implies that you’ll share the bandwidth and storage as well. Dedicated server is only available to your particular website. All the resources and functions can be utilized by you solely. Cloud hosting is the latest trend that is a cluster of servers which expands as your business requirements grow. Hence it provides resources according to the needs of the business at a particular time.

To help you identify the right web hosting option for yourself, it’s imperative to answer some basic questions in regard to your business. This will provide you an insight of your business easing the decision making process.

How many pages your website will have?

Surprisingly, basic websites take little space therefore chose a plan that provides enough space for growth in the future. The web page’s size is relatively small and has been increasing over past years as the screen resolutions are increasing. Do some calculations about your website and the storage space it’ll need by taking into the features you’ll be adding to your website later.

How much traffic will your website generate?

Bandwidth is primarily the amount of data viewed or downloaded from your website. Bandwidth restrictions are a crucial factor when determining the web hosting. You should estimate the amount of visitors you’ll be receiving per month and note down the page views. Google Analytics is a useful tool that will help you predict the traffic beforehand so you can make a rational decision accordingly. Low bandwidth websites tend to be really slow and provide a bad customer experience.

What is your website running on?

Most websites utilize content management services such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. All these services have certain system requirements that should be met by your web host. You’ll be needing the storage for software, database management and installing an operating system.

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